UniDriver used by Royal Agrifirm Group

Our UniDriver-software is used by Royal Agrifirm Group to retrieve weights in SAP S/4HANA.
UniDriver is connected to stand-alone weighbridges in Hungary via TCP/IP.

Users of Agrifirm can receive the current weight easily by a single click on the ‘weigh-button’ in SAP S/4HANA.
The button is set with a UniDriver-command to receive the UniDriver weight.

The solution is in production with 3 stand-alone weighbridges.
In the future Agrifirm might use this solution for more than 10 other stand-alone weighbridges across the whole world.

Video by: Royal Agrifirm Group

  • Wilco van Weeghel (SAP Solution Architect)
  • Remy Heuvink (Application Hosting Specialist)
  • Emile van Zutphen (Technical Specialst / BPS)
  • Harm Moed (Network Engineer)
  • Martijn Bakker (SAP Senior Developer)
  • Jack Graus (SAP Senior Developer)
  • Arjan Willemsen (SAP Functional Consultant)
  • Esser (UniWin System Engineer)

UniMobile-app for Android & IOS

The UniMobile-app is out for a while now for Android and IOS.
The UniMobile-app is free of charge for Android phones and tablets in Google Play and for IOS the UniMobile-app is available in the App Store for iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch.
The UniMobile-app is a remote application that allows weighing or scaling of vehicles and/or goods using your phone or tablet.

UniMobile is functional for users owning a UniWin-solution with UniScreen- or UniMobile-module.
If you do not own a UniWin-solution, the UniMobile-app can connect to a UniWin demo-solution that is available through UniWin.nl.
In this demo we use several features to show some of the possibilties with the UniMobile-app in combination with a UniWin-solution.
The demo can be used via Wi-Fi or Mobile Data-connections.

Check the UniMobile-app page and don’t forget to watch our video of the UniMobile Demo:

CertiWeight uses UniWin®

CertiWeight offers a complete solution for industrial and shipping companies/terminal operators regarding the latest IMO/SOLAS legislation.
The main concern is the accurate weight of containers.
UniWin is used for this solution to collect the relevant data and to preform the weighings to make sure the legally required VGM (Verified Gross Mass) of the containers is provided.

Check the CertiWeight-website to see which container terminals offer these services.
Website: www.certiweight.com

SSL/TLS-protocol enabled for UniProxy

UniProxy is an additional UniWin® service-tool that manages easy communications with other UniWin-systems (Desktop-Clients, UniMobile-App and UniWin-App) and/or applications in and out of the public network. This 1-proxy-tunnel-service routes all communications from and to the applicable UniWin-systems and other systems, so this means easy support and setup.

As an example below a brief description of its usage at our customer Agrifirm, where it services the following;

  • UniWin to UniWin communications related to inter-company transports. (30+sites are connected)
  • Usage of UniWin® App so that managers can retrieve management information when and wherever they want.
  • The exchange of data between UniWin and their ERP-system.

UniProxy supports all common communication-protocols and can service as a webservice allowing standard HTML GET/POST/PUT/DELETE commands. To-date the communications were secured via an internal encryption-function. With the new release all communications are secured by the SSL/TLS-protocol.

UniWin® Test Certificate – TC5788 (Rev. 3)

Recently the UniWin® Test Certificate TC5788 (Weights and Measures approval) has been revised for the third time.
This revision was solely an administrative formality, to describe what was already authorized within the limits of revision 2.

Added was a description to explain that UniWin is capable to manage so called “Verbund-functionality” in an approved manner.
“Verbund-functionality” is adding the actual weight of the different scales to one measurement.

A common example is a platform rail-scale,
mostly they have two decks (6m./18m.) so they can accommodate different wagon-types, without having to uncouple them for the purpose of weighing.

In the case a wagon is long and uses both decks, UniWin calculates the weights of both decks to one measurement.

Check our certificate here: View file!

New Reseller: Active Scale Manufacturing Inc.

Since January 2017 we started a partnership with Active Scale Manufacturing Inc.
This Canadian based scale manufacturer is located in Brantford (Ontario).

Their first UniWin-deployment is a fact.
Aaroc Aggregates with 5 pit-locations in the province Ontario,
their location in Putnam has the first UniWin-system running.

This UniWin-system is used for unattended weighing by the truck-drivers.
All the peripherals (position detection, traffic-lights) are controlled by UniWin on the background.
This ensures a valid weighing is performed.

We are glad with our new partner & we are looking forward to a great partnership!

Website: http://activescale.com/

Your weighbridge is your cash register!

With this article we want to bring our best practice on the subject of fraud prevention in relation to weighbridges/truck-scales to your attention.

Factories, silo’s and other facilities that receive or ship bulk-product, can have great benefit by following our best practice on this subject. With our 9-point (combined hardware and software) solution list, we ensure that fraudulent activities can be traced to its source.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, when you use your weighbridge/truck-scale for weighing bulk-products.
It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Cargill Mexico – 8 sites

In the course of 2014 until 2016 we deployed 8 Cargill plants with UniWin.

The first 5 were Tula, Veracruz, Los Mochis, Poncitlan and San Rafael.
This extensive description explains the particulars of this project.

On the 31st of July 2016 we implemented UniWin on 3 other Cargill plants for the VICAM-project.
We implemented UniWin in El Salto, Hermosillo & Obregon.

UniWin receives orders due interfacing with MII/SAP.
These orders are linked to the vehicle-details and the weights, during the weighing proces.
After the last weighing is done, the information is send back to MII/SAP.

Project: Cerne Sales


For more than three decades Cerne Sales have provided the animal feed industry with the finest quality feed ingredients. They offer poultry & swine integrators, livestock producers, and feed manufacturers with the minerals and nutrients essential to blue ribbon animal nutrition. While Calcium, Phosphorus and Potassium make up the cornerstone of our contribution to the feed industry, our growing list of products and services, dedicated customer service staff and loyal customers complete our foundation.

Together with our partner for the North American market, Control Stuff Inc. Cologne, MN we have implemented this project. The scope of the project was;

  • Use UniWin as order-management system;
  • Print of BOL in *.pdf-format. Forwarding mails these to dispatchers;
  • Report of upcoming loads;
  • Intergration with weighbridge/scale hardware;
  • Function to retrieve Signature of Drivers/Transporters/Carriers via iPAD;
  • Development/Commissioning of reports, statistics and other information-sources for management.

Project: Grain Millers Inc.

Grain Millers Inc. out of Eden Prairie (Minnesota) implemented UniWin at one of their facilities in St. Ansgar (Iowa).

For more than 20 years Grain Millers Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of conventional and organic whole grain ingredients used in cereals, breads, bars and many other products served around the world.
These grains include oats, wheat, barley and rye, which they mill into flours, flakes, brans and fibers.
Their portfolio of products also includes dairy ingredients such as butter, cheese, cream and dairy powders such as lactose, whey and buttermilk. Grain Millers sells a variety of specialized ingredients such as organic industrial alcohol, molasses, soy beans, flax and tapioca.

Together with our partner for the North American market, Control Stuff Inc. Cologne, MN we have implemented this project. The scope of the project was;

  • Supply/Commissioning of Kiosks for Unattended Scaling by Truckdrivers. These kiosks are equipped with a Touchscreen-Monitor, a Barcode-Reader, a Printer.
  • Commissioning of connections towards Gates, Traffic-Lights.
  • Supply/Commissioning of Office Barcode-Readers, Label-Printers for Sample-labels.
  • Supply/Commissioning of our UniWin® Software that allows Grain Millers to scale Trucks/Railcars and analyse/test incoming Product.
  • Development/Commissioning from interfaces between UniWin, Grainsmart and WOW.
  • Development/Commissioning of reports, statistics and other information-sources for management.