Benefit from flexible and solid applications with UniWin Identity.

Like Static weighing is the most used application of UniWin, so is Identity the most used Model.
This model allows for a quick creation of a bespoke application for your environment, without any letter being programmed. Using a configuration set, we are capable of building your application needs quickly, which will save you money developing anything special. With UniWin Identity we believe we have reached the goal of being flexible, manageable and cost-effective to get the flexibility around your weighing process and logistics. This results in a product that suits your needs.


  • All UniWin Express features/options
  • Multi-user environments using LAN or WAN
  • Master/Slave for multi-site environments
  • User administration, including login and authorisation-setup
  • Database allows for any table to be defined, including special needs for fields such as, totals, validations, contract-values, etc
  • Flexible database import/export routines using XML, bespoke files, ODBC, TCP/IP, serial links, DDE
  • Multiple dialogs can be defined to handle different cycles
  • Multiple states can be defined to guide a transport through a plant, e.g entrance, 1st weighing, loading, 2nd weighing, exit
  • Flexible report-generation specific to your needs. Reporting can be done to printer, email, fax, file and graphs
  • Task-scheduler to plan actions to be done at specific times, e.g shift-reports every 8 hours, daylisting, etc
  • Multi-langual support for up to 16 languages on-line
  • Connections to any peripheral/device. Operate any device from any PC in your LAN
  • Mulitple database options