In some industrial situations, weighing is not done at a fixed weighing point, but in a mobile situation. UniWin can be used in mobile applications such as, on-board weighing, forklift weighing and many more. In general, weighing is done using UniMobile on a PDA device (available for several operating systems), but also UniWin/UniScreen for PC, can be used as a mobile weighing unit. The principle of the application is equivalent to static weighing, but the emphasize is on mobile. When a forklift is equipped with weighing forks, the weighing system becomes incredibly mobile and can be used in an enormous amount of applications where weighing can be done on the move.

Typical applications;

  • Forklift/hand-pallet warehouse weighing
  • Forklift/hand-pallet order picking applications
  • Forklift/hand-pallet check weighing applications
  • On-board vehicle weighing (skip-collection, etc)