It is an industrial software solution that weighs trucks, railcars and barges.
It calculates the net-weight of the (bulk)product that is received or supplied.
It can be integrated in your overall business systems, such as ERP, WMS or similar.

Below you can read more explanation to this simple description, divided in 3 topics.

Connectivity to devices that might be in place around the weighing-systems

  • Traffic-lights, barriers/gates, callup-display’s to manage traffic and access control.
  • RFID-readers, barcode-readers to support truckdriver self-weighing.
  • Grain-analyzers or other quality-measuring equipment to analyze product.
  • Camera’s and position-detection to ensure correct and safe behavior.
  • PLC-equipment used to manage loading or unloading processes.
  • New are the productivity apps, UniWin and UniMobile for smartphones and tablets.

Integration with your business

  • Interfaces with JDE/SAP/Navision/etc.
  • Upload of master-data (orders, customers, products, etc) to UniWin to ensure 1 point of data-entry.
  • Real-time export of weighing-results to avoid manual input into ERP-systems.
  • Support of all common formats, such as XML, *.csv, serial, FTP, ODBC.


  • Weights and Measures approved for Europe and North America.
  • Compliancy with local legal requirements.
  • Flexible access and security function to ensure all users, use UniWin in the right way.
  • Your weighbridge is your Cash-register !! Implement our recommended 9-point-list to detect and/or avoid fraudules activities.