Who are you ?

Your organization’s activities are sales and delivery of weighsystems and/or integration of loading/unloading systems.

Service and credibility are important items in your way of acting.

You recognize the added value of standardized scale/weighing software that is easy to integrate with your hardware and systems AND is Weights & Measures Certified.

The concept

As the manufacturer/supplier/integrator of earlier mentioned systems, you deliver the complete project. Both your systems and the UniWin software.

The UniWin configuration-toolbox offers you the possibility to develop the complete UniWin-application, within your own resources. As the name explains it is a configuration-toolbox, which means the development of UniWin applications does NOT demand highly-qualified software-engineers.

Your sales-force follows a training-course that enables them to demonstrate UniWin to your customers. Next to that they will learn to philosophy of UniWin and most important they way to document and hand-over new projects/sales to your engineers.

Your engineers will be trained in the configuration-toolbox. The result of this training will be that they are able to implement UniWin solutions. (configuration, installation and commissioning) They will also be able to handle first-line support once the solution is in use.

In short your organization will have full control in integrating and supporting UniWin.

The benefits

Infotech Logistics B.V. commits to;
  • Comply with the “Weights and Measures” legislation;
  • Comply with Microsoft Windows OS. Up-to-Date with the Latest OS-patches within 3 months after release;
  • Stay up to speed with the latest technology, especially as it comes to connectivity towards different equipment, such as Indicators, Barriers, Traffic Lights, Selfboxes (Badges, Touchscreen, Barcode, etc), Camera-systems, etc;
  • Innovation, and comply with new technology.
Benefits as described above are on a support level towards our resellers. The benefits in the use of UniWin for our resellers are;
  • An application is developed with the configuration-toolbox. No demand for programmer skills;
  • By configuring an application, the development-time is short;
  • Engineers can take over each others projects;
  • The toolbox offers the possibility to simulate all aspects. This way the complete application can be developed and tested upfront;
  • The configuration-environment allows for last-minute-changes. This is very useful for little adjustments during implementation;
  • The complete application is fixed in a couple of configuration-files;
  • Support and Controllability for the future is of great IMPORTANCE. Due to the complete setup this is warranted;
  • Resellers will be equipped to provide first-line support to their customers.

Steps to achieve a working partnership

To achieve a solid and good working partnership the following actions (not necessarily in this order) have to be deployed;
  • Infotech Logistics promotes UniWin to reseller and provides all information’s needed for the reseller to allow them to make a good decision;
  • Reseller decides to use UniWin;
  • Sales-people are trained to enable them in selling UniWin;
  • Sales-people are supported by Infotech Logistics via phone/mail/WebEx to enable them to make sales;
  • Engineers are trained to develop/implement/support UniWin;
  • Best practices, commercial and technical documentation are shared;
  • First or the first few sales/project(s) are developed/implemented with our support present (local or remote) as a last step in the training of the engineers;
  • Ongoing commercial and technical support by Infotech Logistics.

Supporting our resellers

Many items of the support we provide are already mentioned. But here is a brief overview of the support that resellers can expect from us;
  • Comply with the “Weights and Measures” legislation;
  • Comply with Microsoft Windows OS;
  • Stay up to speed with the latest technology;
  • Innovation;
  • Technical support to your engineers;
  • Commercial support to your sales-people;
  • Portal to our server to retrieve latest software and documentation;
  • Second-line support to your customers if this is needed.

Earnings and profits

As a reseller you purchase a UniWin License for your customer. Normally this would be the only cost for you to Infotech Logistics. All other aspects of a UniWin implementation can be delivered through your organization.

Aspects of a UniWin implementation are Scope/Design, Development/Configuration, Training, Implementation, FAT/SAT (in case of larger projects) and Support/Maintenance.

During time you will build-up a library of applications, manuals and experience. This results in the fact that the product gets less expensive for your customer, OR your organization will have higher profits per project.

Partnership agreement

In general we start our partnerships without any formal agreement as it comes to exclusivity for a country or geographic area. It is not feasible in the beginning of the partnership, because partners most probably are not able to guarantee a certain turn-over of licenses for this area.

We understand that partners do not want to get into a situation of continuous competing with other UniWin partners/resellers. To avoid this we check with every new reseller if there is a possible overlap with an existing reseller. If this is the case we communicate this open towards parties involved.

The only formal item in our partnership is the UniWin Development License. This license is used and may be used in your organisation to develop UniWin solutions for your customers.