The UniMobile App is a remote application that allows weighing or scaling of vehicles and/or goods using your Android phone or tablet or your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. UniMobile is free of charge and functional for users owning a UniWin solution with UniScreen or UniMobile functionality. If you do not own a UniWin solution, the UniMobile app can connect to a demo UniWin Solution that is available through

UniMobile is the first app developed for industrial weighing processes via WiFi or Mobile Data Connection. It allows for more flexibilty in your logistical processes, which are already handled by your UniWin solution.


  • Allow internal/external drivers to use UniMobile and save costs using all sorts of unmanned system, such as barcode-readers/RFID-readers/card-readers).
  • Allow your excavator/forklift driver to use UniMobile to weigh incoming/outgoing goods, without having to leave the cabin.
  • Allow external clients to use UniMobile so they can enter planning information.
  • Further functionality depends on the configuration of your UniWin solution.


  • Ability to use the build-in camera.
  • Ability to use the build-in GPS-device for location tracking. (Visualized using Google Maps).
  • Ability to overview of entered reference data, including reference images/photos’s and GPS-location.
  • Multi lingual.
  • Applicable to all transaction-types of the UniWin solution, such as weighing/scaling, registering vehicles, perform access control, etc.
  • Menu to suite user-preferred language and/or colour settings.

Download the UniMobile-app

Android: Download “UniMobile” on Google Play

iOS (Apple): Download “UniMobile” on App Store