UniWin® Test Certificate – TC5788 (Rev. 3)

Recently the UniWin® Test Certificate TC5788 (Weights and Measures approval) has been revised for the third time.
This revision was solely an administrative formality, to describe what was already authorized within the limits of revision 2.

Added was a description to explain that UniWin is capable to manage so called “Verbund-functionality” in an approved manner.
“Verbund-functionality” is adding the actual weight of the different scales to one measurement.

A common example is a platform rail-scale,
mostly they have two decks (6m./18m.) so they can accommodate different wagon-types, without having to uncouple them for the purpose of weighing.

In the case a wagon is long and uses both decks, UniWin calculates the weights of both decks to one measurement.

Check our certificate here: View file!

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