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UniDriver used by Royal Agrifirm Group

Our UniDriver-software is used by Royal Agrifirm Group to retrieve weights in SAP S/4HANA.
UniDriver is connected to stand-alone weighbridges via TCP/IP. Agrifirm retrieves the weights of these weighbridges via SAP S/4HANA.

For now this solution will be used on 3 plants in Hungary.
In the future Agrifirm might use this solution for more than 10 other stand-alone weighbridges across the whole world.

Video by: Royal Agrifirm Group

  • Wilco van Weeghel (SAP Solution Architect)
  • Remy Heuvink (Application Hosting Specialist)
  • Emile van Zutphen (Technical Specialst / BPS)
  • Harm Moed (Network Engineer)
  • Martijn Bakker (SAP Senior Developer)
  • Jack Graus (SAP Senior Developer)
  • Arjan Willemsen (SAP Functional Consultant)
  • Joey Esser (UniWin System Engineer)